About Us

Mission Statement

We at the America Today Podcast believe in patriotism, are devoted to moral principles, and want free-speech discussions amongst all people. WE BELIEVE IN:

  • PATRIOTISM: The principles outlined in the United States Constitution;
  • FREEDOM: Free speech and discussion of ideas, even ideas we do not personally agree with, as necessary to the survival of the United States and freedom as a whole;
  • CULTURE POSITIVITY: Affecting cultural change through said discussion in a positive direction.

In addition to our universal principles, the numerous co-hosts of this show generally lean in a conservative political direction, however, we encourage YOU, the listener and hopefully, future guest, to bring up any topic you may agree with, disagree with, or have a different angle on, and discuss it with us!

Who We Are

Nathan Peterson

Founding Brother

Hailing from Washington State, Nathan is the primary host of America Today Podcast, and had the original idea to start the show. A gung-ho talk host who takes no prisoners, Nathan tells it like it is no matter the consequences. Just don’t mess with his Freedom, his Faith, his Family, or his Firearms, and you’ll have a friend for life. Yee Yee!

Trevor Compton

Founding Brother

A Californian emigrant to the hills of Tennessee, Trevor helped Nathan turn his great idea into a reality with a simple Zoom call we now refer to as “episode 1’… Unfortunately Trevor’s hairstyles and technology habits are stuck in the 18th century making it rather hard to find him on social media, but he will appear on the America Today Podcast to discuss important issues of the day – along with quizzing Nathan on his history knowledge.

Thomas Compton


A dedicated and relentless political researcher, merchandise designer, alt-coin connoisseur, and social media influencer, Corn Pop leverages his tech skills and personal networks to continue powering America Today to new and better places.

Florida Man


No one really knows exactly where this mysterious man lives, likely living a nomadic lifestyle from beach to beach along the Florida coast. He is somehow able to transmit important political and philosophical ideas to the fellow members of this show through an unknown medium of hurricane-powered Florida technology. He has also been granted the moniker “Tangent King” in a previous life, for taking any show he gets in to in unexpected and interesting directions.